The choices we make

2017-05-08 16:24:23 by KeetonCat

OKAY so to start things off, I decided that although music is one of my many passions, I'm primarily an artist. I decided to focus on art and animation like I had always wanted to because I don't have the "frontman" personality of a musician and just don't have the following even after over 6 years. I'm not giving up on music or composing and will continue to do so.

The reason I've decided this is because I have been afraid of showing my artwork since I was a child. I fear showing my work because I hold it so dear to me. Because of this, Nobody knows me as an artist, no one knows me for the things I care the most for. 

I've decided to stop letting my family control who I am and who I want to be, so from now on, I'm going to follow the person I want to become and hopefully find some kind of happiness in my new life. Here's to whatever comes of my future.

It finally happened

2016-05-14 04:39:04 by KeetonCat

I'm finally caought up with my soundcloud account, I can finally rest! Honestly the upload system, and community are waaay better here than they are on soundcloud, so from now on I'll be uploading here more often.

Almost done!

2016-05-12 14:16:21 by KeetonCat

So I'm about seven songs away from getting caught up with my soundcloud so it'll take just 2 more days lol

I finally got my schedule worked out so I can have weekends off (the first time in over three years) So I'm looking into moving and then I might have more time to dedicate to my music and art, but I haven't worked the details out on that just yet. I've worked weekends so long that people stopped inviting me to stuff, which sucks, but it did give me time to work on other stuff, when I did have a day off.

If all works out, I'm going to be making a postive change in my life. I'm finally doing something for myself without worrying about my family. So, here's hoping for the best to come.

Uploading lol

2016-05-10 00:43:43 by KeetonCat

It's taking a while to get up to date, I've got somewhere between 8 and 10 tracks that are still sitting in my projects. I hope nobody thinks I'm trying to be a [male appendage] and I hate uploading every time I get on here.

Back when I got on NG more frequently I was in highschool and also practicing animation, I plan to get back into that eventually. I found out I like traditional animation way more than digital, but it takes more precision, plus it looks kinda cruddy (stray pencil marks and not scanning at the proper angles each time) so I still have to put them into a program and fix them up/color them. I wish I was able to draw on a tablet :/ I've had one for ages and never quite got the hang of drawing on it.

Anyways, I'm done ranting for now. 

I've returned to the land of the living

2016-05-08 03:15:51 by KeetonCat

I had trouble uploading in the past, so I gave up. I'm back now lol I have a lot of stuff I made since I stopped posting so It'll probably take a few days (or more) to post it all. In the meantime I apologize for posting so ofter.


ALSO I changed my name to Emdrive (pronounced em-drive) so that name is interchangable with DannyMirage. I'm DannyMirage everywhere else too.

Don't look at this.

2012-09-17 02:14:47 by KeetonCat

I can't find my trousers.


2012-07-09 03:30:28 by KeetonCat

I'm actually getting serious into animating again which means I'm not doing music for a while. Hopefully this time the blood doesn't come home.

I've been getting back into animating

2012-04-22 22:36:48 by KeetonCat

Hey, I'm not sure how many people look at my page, but I plan to start releasing some practice animations soon, I'm building some models at the moment, so it shouldn't be too long.
Also, I've never posted one of these and thought it was about time.